Wednesday, 4 February, 2009

Its Red all over

Am looking for a job in Dubai. Being new in the UAE region, am still feeling my way around the work system here - not to mention the current financial climate. After going through a couple of recruiting companies and design agencies, I heard back from a recruiter looking for a Graphic designer for a construction company.

The job profile sounded familiar, something I'd held in a previous work set up. The only glitch was, I'd held a much higher position previously and the one I was applying for was ranked lower. The position was not as much of a concern for me since it would help me look at at design from a non US aka EU perspective. I knew I
'd struck a chord with my application and folio of work. But didn't quite know the extent. So when the recruiter checked with me if a piece of my portfolio – THE RED BOOK, was available for sale, I was ecstatic and nervous all at once. My work has been greatly appreciated in the past but never before have I had such a HOT response!

still blushin',
miss tee

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