Wednesday, 23 April, 2014

Improving site load time: From 40 to 3 seconds

A basic and important check for building any site is its page load time. It's the first step in the user experience of any web product.The longer a site takes to load the larger its rate of abandonment. This infographic from Kissmetrics below demonstrates how every second during the page load counts. 

I learnt this the hard way. In my last job one of my projects was While the UI of the site was pretty, from a functionality point of view it was not effective at all. Purely because the site took ages to load - nearly 40 seconds! Needless to say the site traffic was next to nothing - a trickling 200 monthly visits at best. Since it was a new site of a fairly new confectionery brand, we didn’t think much about it. The odd complain from the marketing team about load time was not taken seriously as every time we checked it on our end it seemed to pop open in a few seconds.

Then in January this year, for the Dubai Shopping Festival we ran a Google campaign to direct traffic to the site. The GDN campaign garnered a healthy click count of 3,248 but the number of site visits recorded was 456. The click to visits drop-off was a staggering 85% - industry average is 15%-20%. Since we were in the middle of DSF it was decided to change the landing url of the campaign to the brand’s Facebook page instead of the website. But this was nothing short of an eye-opener.

Looking deep into this we realised how genuine those marketing complaints were. A good 15 minutes with our new Head of Tech introduced me to Yahoo’s Yslow and its usefulness. Running a quick test gave us a list of recommendations including;

  • Making fewer HTTP requests - The best way to implement this is to reduce the number of elements on every page. This can be easily achieved by combining multiple scripts into one, using single js files and css files, or css sprites
  • Compressing components with gzip - Gzip helps reduce the HTTP response size by nearly 70% and is the most popular and effective methods available
  • Putting CSS at top - Moving stylesheets in the HEAD of any page helps to load the page quickly
  • Putting JavaScript at bottom - Moving JavaScript to the bottom helps parallel download of other page elements
  • Minifying JavaScript and CSS - Every character, white space, comments add to the file size. Cleaning up these files by removing these unnecessary elements reduces file download time
  • Not scaling images in HTML - Avoid using the height and width attributes in the html to scale images on the site. This puts unnecessary load
The list was much longer. But for us addressing just these few helped to reduce the page speed from 40 to 15 seconds in a few days. Since is a graphic heavy site; we continued on with our optimisation methods:
  1. Letting the first visible images appear on load and the rest on next button click using ajax
  2. Further optimising images by reducing their sizes and using sprites where applicable
  3. Using the Apache Module mod_deflate to reduce everything other than images
By the end of the exercise our page speed was down to three seconds. Still not the ideal industry standard of under two seconds. But was a long way from the 40 second mark. Tons has been written about handling page speed, and in turn improving page rankings. So what we tried to do was nothing new, but it was one of the quick and easy things if followed can lead to a substantial improvement.

How have you tackled page speed on your end - Do share your experience.

Ready. Steady. Go.

Tuesday, 9 October, 2012

I am so sorry mom

I learnt about my pregnancy while on a trip to the US last year in July. Since it was somewhat of a late conception (I was 34) I disclosed the news to a handful few. My mother being one of them. She was, ofcourse, absolutely overjoyed. Her constant cajoling had finally paid off and her daughter was going to have a baby.

As the days wore on heading into the first trimester of this 9 month ride, I found myself in the grips of:
  1. The age-old Anytime-Sickness routine. FYI - Morning sickness is a myth. You could be throwing up just about anywhere, anytime during the day and / or night.
  2. The heightened sense of smell. This one felt like you'd turned into a whole new species - the canine kind.
  3. The classic back pain 
  4. Discomfort while sleeping
  5. Dull achiness and a perpetual tired state of mind + body
  6. Forgetfulness - Ah! I almost miss it
  7. Constant state of being in-between-dress-sizes
  8. Irritability leading to the point of being testy (And I'm being nice)
This list could actually go on...but you get my point. The best part was that I was consciously aware of these changes and tried to keep myself under check. But it was like I was someone else. And being reduced to tears for not having any control over my body and behaviour, was not at all fun. All because of this new life growing inside of me.

Thats when I called my mum again. This time to apologize for everything I'd put her through as a child.
And yet the only thing she said to me was "Its ok dear, you take care of yourself."

Wednesday, 4 February, 2009

Its Red all over

Am looking for a job in Dubai. Being new in the UAE region, am still feeling my way around the work system here - not to mention the current financial climate. After going through a couple of recruiting companies and design agencies, I heard back from a recruiter looking for a Graphic designer for a construction company.

The job profile sounded familiar, something I'd held in a previous work set up. The only glitch was, I'd held a much higher position previously and the one I was applying for was ranked lower. The position was not as much of a concern for me since it would help me look at at design from a non US aka EU perspective. I knew I
'd struck a chord with my application and folio of work. But didn't quite know the extent. So when the recruiter checked with me if a piece of my portfolio – THE RED BOOK, was available for sale, I was ecstatic and nervous all at once. My work has been greatly appreciated in the past but never before have I had such a HOT response!

still blushin',
miss tee

Friday, 23 January, 2009

Writing a Blog

This is my first attempt at writing a blog, formally. Never having had any training nor the inclination to write before this, I don't think I am a writer (or so I have maintained). The thought turned into reality at my last job. One of the aspects of the job required me to maintain a blog. But no matter how hard I tried I almost always never 'got it'.

However, I did claim to my manager at the time, how committed I was to getting it right. I flirted with the idea of taking writing lessons, read books on the subject and even practised a wee bit. Infact this blog was set up a year ago as part of one of those ideas. Somehow all the critique on my earlier writing at the job had left me defeated. I had decided to lose the battle before it ever began.
Looking back now though, I don't think I was serious enough to follow through with it. It was not into me to do what it took to get the job done, and done write!

So here I am now, dedicating these pieces to that manager who, in a way, truly introduced me to the art of blog writing. Hopefully, I will get it right this time.

so long,
miss tee