Tuesday, 9 October, 2012

I am so sorry mom

I learnt about my pregnancy while on a trip to the US last year in July. Since it was somewhat of a late conception (I was 34) I disclosed the news to a handful few. My mother being one of them. She was, ofcourse, absolutely overjoyed. Her constant cajoling had finally paid off and her daughter was going to have a baby.

As the days wore on heading into the first trimester of this 9 month ride, I found myself in the grips of:
  1. The age-old Anytime-Sickness routine. FYI - Morning sickness is a myth. You could be throwing up just about anywhere, anytime during the day and / or night.
  2. The heightened sense of smell. This one felt like you'd turned into a whole new species - the canine kind.
  3. The classic back pain 
  4. Discomfort while sleeping
  5. Dull achiness and a perpetual tired state of mind + body
  6. Forgetfulness - Ah! I almost miss it
  7. Constant state of being in-between-dress-sizes
  8. Irritability leading to the point of being testy (And I'm being nice)
This list could actually go on...but you get my point. The best part was that I was consciously aware of these changes and tried to keep myself under check. But it was like I was someone else. And being reduced to tears for not having any control over my body and behaviour, was not at all fun. All because of this new life growing inside of me.

Thats when I called my mum again. This time to apologize for everything I'd put her through as a child.
And yet the only thing she said to me was "Its ok dear, you take care of yourself."